The Game Changer Jr

The Game Changer Jr is designed for two people to set up and take down easily in less than 15 minutes in tight places where only an ATV can go. What sets it apart from other traps on the market is how the panels slide across the trailer frame and pivot up easily to set conveniently on the ground. The hinge panel and trailer then become part of the trap.  In order to complete the round pin, simply pin the first and last panel to the hinge panel.  All panels and gates are 5’ 6” x 8’ which allows two people to easily lift, position, and pin in place. The gates are the same basic design as the Game Changer. The gate openings are 8’ long by 3’ tall with electronic latches. All electronics are located in a waterproof box on the trailer, which allows you to connect the quick connects and go.

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Game Changer Jr Setup Instructions